Micronutrient Premix

Staple Premix

Staple Premixes are formulated with essential micronutrients targeted to enhance the nutrient fortification of basic food and address micronutrient deficiency. These are scientifically tested and developed customised blends ideally created to fill the nutrient gaps missing or insufficient in an individual’s diet.

Flour Enzymes

Our expert research analysts conduct trials to produce more competitive and better performing variants and combinations of enzymes in many applications including bakery, beverage and dairy.

Animal Nutrition

Our commitment to wholesome nutrition extends to ensuring the animals in the food supply as well as pets have the nutrition they need. We offer ready to use premixes of Vitamins, Trace Minerals, and Amino Acids for fortifying a variety of animal feeds for Poultry, Cattle, Horses, Sheep, Pets, and Aquatic Animals.


FMCG or fast-moving consumer goods influence most of our diet and lifestyle. Growing initiatives for fortifying FMCG products are being made to increase the nutrient intake of the population. Hexagon Nutrition is also contributing to this vertical and making fortified foods accessible to all by value-adding them with our customized micronutrient premixes.

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